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The second-largest archipelago in the world, with over 7000 tropical islands, the Philippines is one of the great treasures of Southeast Asia. Often overlooked by travellers because of its location on the ‘wrong’ side of the South China Sea, the Philippines rewards those who go the extra distance to reach it. And because it’s off the beaten path, the Philippines is a great place to escape the hordes who descend on other parts of Southeast Asia. First and foremost, the Philippines is a place of natural wonders – a string of coral-fringed islands strewn across a vast expanse of the western Pacific. Below sea level, the Philippines boasts some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling, including wreck diving around Coron and swimming with the whale sharks off Donsol. Above sea level, it has a fantastic landscape with wonders enough to stagger even the most jaded traveller: the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Banaue & the Rice Terraces and fascinating reminders of the islands’ history in places such as Samar & Leyte and Vigan. And if you’re after palm-fringed, white-sand beaches, try laidback Sipalay or flat-out party town Boracay. Of course, any traveller who has been here will tell you that it’s the people and their culture that makes the Philippines unique. Long poised at the centre of Southeast Asian trade, colonised by a succession of world powers, the Philippines is a vivid tapestry that reflects its varied cultural inheritance. And despite the poverty that afflicts much of the nation, the Filipinos themselves are among the most ebullient and easygoing peopling anywhere. The Philippines truly qualifies as one of the last great frontiers in Southeast Asian travel. Cross whichever ocean you need to and see for yourself.

1. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one of the must-visit places among the World Heritage Sites of the Philippines. Its natural 8.2 km navigable underground river is believed to be the world’s longest. The river can be found beneath a beautiful limestone karst mountain called St. Paul (named after one of its peaks that resembles the dome of St. Paul Cathedral in Italy). This national park is one of the centers of biodiversity conservation in Palawan. In fact, you can see monkeys and large monitor lizards greeting you on your way to the mouth of the cave. Currently, it is one of the strongest contenders (out of the top 28 world finalists) for the 7 New Natural Wonders of the World Competition.


2. The Historic Town of Vigan is one of the best examples of a well-preserved Spanish Colonial Town established in the 16th century. It is famous for its authentic Spanish-era homes lining the restored cobblestone streets. Thankfully, this heritage gem has survived World War II and the onslaught of natural calamities. During World War II, as story has it, the Japanese Military commander Captain Fujiro Takahashi asked the help of Fr. Joseph Kleikamp to take care of his Filipina wife and child in exchange for not burning the town when the Japanese forces retreated. When the Japanese left, the people of Vigan spread an oversized American flag in the plaza to avoid being bombed by the Americans.


3.The Baroque Churches of the Philippines are among the few remnants of Spanish colonial architecture from the late 16th century, which was an interpretation of the European Baroque style by Chinese and Filipino craftsmen. These churches are interesting particularly because of their unique Earthquake Baroque architecture, which put emphasis on the massive, carved buttresses for support during earthquakes The nearest one in Manila is the Immaculate Conception Church located in Intramuros. The most impressive buttress design can be seen in the San Agustin Church in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. On the way to Ilocos Norte, you will see the Nuestra Senora Church in Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur. Lastly, the Santo Tomas Church in Miag-ao, Iloilo has the most impressive façade with its impressively detailed carvings.


4. The Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is one of the best diving spots in the Philippines (and the world) because of its pristine coral reef with a 100-m perpendicular wall, lagoons, and coral islands. It covers 130,028 hectares, including the North and South Reefs, with the North Islet serving as a nesting site for birds and marine turtles. To get to Tubbataha, you can join live-aboard diving trips to explore the vast area for 5-7 days. There are also organized tours for people who just want to snorkel, but diving is highly recommended to see the wide variety of colorful marine life. There is only a small window of time to visit this World Heritage site – during the summer (from late March to early June) because of the stability of the weather.


5. The Banaue Rice Terraces should be on every Filipino's must-visit list. The Ifugaos learned how to use the contours of the mountains to cultivate rice paddies, using the force of gravity for natural water irrigation. This knowledge was passed down from generation to generation for 2,000 years. It is highly recommended to experience this great example of harmony between man and nature. There are many rice terraces in Banaue, and you should see the three most-visited ones: (a) the Grand Rice Terraces in Banaue (b) the Rice Terraces in Batad, which are among the most visited because you can swim in the natural Tapia waterfalls; and (c) the Rice Terraces of Mayoyao are the most preserved because it is difficult to get there.


6. Taal Volcano, of “A Lake within a Volcano within a Lake within an Island” fame, is one of the world’s lowest and smallest volcanoes. It is very popular because it is only a day trip away from Manila. To get there, you'll pass through Tagaytay, the garden restaurant capital of the Philippines -- the home of Sonya’s Garden and Antonio’s romantic restaurant. An adventure-filled day awaits you as you journey to the volcano's crater. First, you drive down the mountain along a steep, winding path. Then, you take a boat ride to cross Taal Lake to get to the foot of the volcano. You have the option of trekking or riding on horseback to go up to the crater, and then hiking down its slopes as smoke emanates out of the earth to release its steam.


7. Amanpulo Resort is the Holy Grail and ultimate destination of any local traveler and beach lover in the Philippines. It is a secluded private beach resort by Aman Resorts, located in Pamalican Island in Palawan. You have an entire footprint-free, talcum-powder beach all to yourselves.

A price tag of P100,000+ for a weekend escape is not much for wealthy foreigners or celebrities looking for a private place to rest and be by themselves. But for local travelers, an Amanpulo visit is equal to the Ultimate Luxury Resort experience.


8. Donsol, Sorsogon. Donsol is known as the “Whale Shark Capital of the World” because it has the largest number of recorded sightings of whale sharks anywhere on earth from December to May. Donsol is the feeding ground for these gentle creatures because of the high concentration of plankton in the area. Once you encounter these whale sharks up close, you’ll realize how relatively small we are in this world, and you'll appreciate just how beautiful and blessed our marine biodiversity is in the Philippines.

9. El Nido Resorts in El Nido, Palawan is a source of pride for the Philippines. It was recognized by Wild Asia with the 2009 Responsible Tourism Award and it was one of Travel + Leisure’s Favorite Green Hotels in 2008. Its environmental, sustainable tourism program is very inspiring, and you can't help but be influenced by it once you stay at the resort. You can choose to be based in either the Miniloc or Lagen Resort. We like Miniloc because of its rustic feel. Plus, it is kayaking distance from the Big and Small Lagoons. Don't leave El Nido without having experienced the best white-sand beach island there – Entalula Island. It is owned by El Nido Resorts, so you can reserve it for private romantic dates or family escapes. You can arrange to have your breakfast or lunch there, and have the beach all to yourselves.


10. Boracay Island is consistently on the list of the best beach destinations in Asia because of its white, fine, sugar-like sands along the famous White Beach. Boracay is known for having delicious gourmet food, the hottest nightlife, the coolest adventure sports, pampering spas, luxurious resorts and the bohemian lifestyle all rolled into one fun island experience. But if the hectic beach lifestyle isn't your thing, you'll also find another part of Boracay catering to your whims. After all, it is also famous for the simple things in life, like walking while holding hands with your significant other along the beach…or eating chori burger and drinking Jonas Milkshakes…or riding the Paraw as the sun sets on the horizon.


Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and one of two main places that you are likely to visit when you are traveling to this part of the world. The term “metropolitan Manila” or simply “metro Manila” refers to the city itself as more than one dozen other small cities and suburbs that surround the main city and make up the larger metropolitan area. Depending on which areas are included, this region includes anywhere from eleven million to nearly twenty million people (some sources distinguish Metro Manila as a smaller area than the larger surrounding “greater Manila” which accounts for the difference in population between sources. Whatever the case, this is a large area and one of the most thriving portions of the Philippines so you can bet that there are a lot of things to see and places to visit when you travel here.

For the traveler who wants to know the “must-see” things in this area, here are 15 hot spots to hit up when you visit Metro Manila for the first time:

1. Rizal Park: This historic park has been the site of some very important moment’s in Manila’s past and is a great place to start if you really want to learn about the history of the area. Memorial plaques and monuments will give you this type of education throughout the park. There are also more leisurely things to enjoy here including the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, the Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion and a chess plaza. In fact, if there’s only one thing that you get to experience during your stay in Metro Manila, you’ll want it to be this park because there is simply so much to see and do in this one area.


2. Nayong Pilipino. For a more modern “park”, you may want to check out this theme park which draws tourists from around the world. Various historical points of interest and cultural celebrations can be experienced here at this all-ages adventure area.


3. Manila Ocean Park: Those people who are fans of Sea World in the United States may find that they also enjoy this oceanarium in Metro Manila. There is also a boutique mall here and some other things to do while you’re visiting.

4. Intramuros: Visitors who are truly interested in the history of the region will want to make sure to check out this district which is the oldest district of Manila. It’s a “walled city” which harkens back to the days when fortresses were required to keep the people of an area safe from outsiders. Just exploring the old architecture (particularly the churches) here can really help you to gain a great understanding of what this region was like years ago. Various forts, statutes and monuments can also be enjoyed here.


5. Manila Cathedral : Those people who are interested in the religious history of the area will specifically want to check out this cathedral which was first established as a church in Manila way back in the sixteenth century.


6. Fort Bonifacio: This is a section of a city in Metro Manila where you can learn more about the military history of the Philippines. Various landmarks are located throughout the district with the main place to visit being the Heritage Park memorial park. Memorial cemeteries can also be visited here.


7. Villa Escudero Plantation: This historic coconut plantation located South of Manila is reportedly an amazing place to experience. It combines a museum tour / history lesson with an astoundingly beautiful natural setting to give you a terrific overview of the beauty of days past in this area. Note that their website is down as of the writing of this report.


8. Manila Zoo: Many people have expressed some sense of disappointment with the Manila Zoo as compared to some of the other great zoos around the world. However, it’s something that other visitor think is worth checking out because of the fact that it is the oldest zoo in Asia.


9. Walk along the Roxas Boulevard Baywalk: There will be times during your stay when you don’t necessarily want to “do” anything but you do want to continue to experience Metro Manila. For those downtimes, a walk along the Baywalk is ideal. It’s particularly known as a great place for watching the sun set into the Manila Bay but you can also just people watch and enjoy the scenery here.


10. Pasig River Ferry: Another really relaxing way to take in the sights and other senses of Metro Manila is to indulge in a tourist-y ferry ride.


Photograph Taal Volcano : This active volcano has caused a lot of devastation to the area surrounding Manila in the not-so-distant past. However, when it’s not erupting, it’s a beautiful “mountain” located on VolcanoIsland in LakeTaal. The scenic beauty is worth taking photos of while you’re enjoying a stay in Metro Manila. There are nearby resorts and outdoor activities in this area.


12. The malls: Even if shopping isn’t your thing, it’s worth it to check out at least one of the three major malls in Metro Manila because they’re history-making in their size and development. These three malls (SM Mall of Asia, SM City North Edsa and SM Megamall) are all on the list of the world’s largest malls, making them historic attractions as well as intriguing sightseeing opportunities.

13. Manila wet markets: For a more traditional shopping experience than what you’ll get at the malls, you’ll want to make it a point to visit one of Manila’s “wet markets. These are open-air food markets where you can purchase fresh local foods from the people who live in the area. It’s a great cultural experience and one traveller should take the opportunity to enjoy while they are in the area.


14. The skyscrapers: Some people want to make sure to visit the tallest buildings in the places where the travel to and there are definitely some worth seeing in Metro Manila. Two of the ones that you’ll want to go take pictures of while you’re in the area are PBCom Tower and G.T. International.


15. Experience the nightlife of Makati: There are many places throughout Metro Manila where you can experience the bar and nightclub scene but this district within the city of Manila is the most well-known. If this type of thing is something that you like to take advantage of when traveling then that’s the district that you want to do it in.


Sample Day wise Itinerary


Arrive Manila

Meet and greet at the airport by our representative

Transfer to Hotel

Check in at hotel

Overnight at the hotel



Breakfast at the Hotel

Pick up hotel for the Tagaytay Tour with lunch

Tagaytay Ridge Tour with Lunch

At 2,250 ft. above sea level, Tagaytay Ridge offers a magnificent view of the smallest and lowest volcano in the world, Taal Volcano, resting in the middle of the serene Taal Lake. A deceptive tranquility; notable are the eruptions in 1716 and 1754 where ashes spewed by the volcano darkened the skies combined with rains and thunders, massive earthquakes, and gigantic waves driving the residents around the lake to the inner towns for refuge. The 1911 eruption claimed 1,300 lives and 300 more in 1965 burying 6 barrios.

Proceed Manila City Tour

Manila City Tour

The interesting highlights are Fort Santiago, built in 1663 inside the older Walled City of Intramuros (1591-1593). The Manila American Cemetery & Memorial (1948-1960) with its 17,100 marble bedstones of known and unknown soldiers and memorial for 36,279 missing gallant American and Filipino soldiers who died during WWII from different campaigns. The Rizal Park and rolling tour to the reclaimed area of the Cultural Center Complex.then to the Central Business District of Makati. A visit to a curio of Filipino crafts is a must for a change in your shopping environment. The tour also includes a visit to historically important Casa Manila St. Agustine Church Museum, Bahay Tsinoy (Museum of Chinese Influence in Philippine culture).

Transfer back to hotel

Overnight at the hotel



Breakfast at the Hotel

Transfer to airport for the Manila-Cebu flight

Arrive Cebu

Meet and transfer to hotel

After check in proceed Cebu City Tour

Cebu Twin City Tour with Lunch

Get your fill of Cebu's best tourist attractions by visiting heritage sites and monuments and cruising along its business and civic districts. Discover Cebu's past and how it wonderfully intertwines with its active, pulsating present. Shop for world famous Philippine dried mangoes and other delicacies like otap, rosquillos, masareal and the like.

Transfer back to hotel

Overnight at hotel



Breakfast at the Hotel

Transfer to pier for the ferry ride to Bohol

Bohol Day Trip with Lunch

Escape the bustling city of Cebu and treat yourself to a relaxing out-of-town tour by heading to Bohol, an eco-haven 1 hour and 45 minutes away by ferry. Cruise along a river while taking your lunch and while being serenaded, drawn-in the beauty of the Chocolate Hills, be amazed by the tarsier and soak in the majesty of the famous Baclayon Church all in one day.

Transfer back to pier then to hotel

Overnight at hotel



Breakfast at hotel

Transfer to airport for the Cebu-Caticlan flight

Arrive Caticlan

Meet & transfer to hotel

Check in at hotel

Rest of the day free at leisure

Overnight at hotel



Breakfast at hotel

Wholeday free at leisure

Overnight at hotel



Breakfast at hotel

Check out at hotel

Transfer to airport for the Caticlan-Manila flight

Arrive Manila

Meet and transfer to international airport for the return flight

Leave Manila

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